Photo by Danielle Simone Charles

Photo by Danielle Simone Charles

Brandi Rodriquez


Brandi completed her 200-hour yoga training with Meg Galarza in the Summer of 2018 and a Bachelor's in Communication in the Spring of 2015. She became interested in alternative medicine and yoga following college graduation when she began seeking care from an Ayurvedic Counselor.

In early 2018 with the support of her family, Brandi quit a full-time, salaried job to work part-time for a non-profit and was then able to begin her YTT 200 program. This sudden 180 in career and priorities was prompted by a period of post-partum depression following the birth of her daughter, and the urge to play a role in giving back to society. Like many other new moms, she struggled to regain a sense of self. Using Ayurveda and the skills she'd cultivated as a yoga student, Brandi was able to recover her health both physically and mentally. It is now her mission (and honor) to help others realize the importance of breath work, awareness and stillness, and the large role it can play in creating a healthier society, one yogi at a time.