This is an all levels class that builds on the basic vinyasa sequence while breaking down some of the more complex poses for those who want to explore them. It will maintain an upbeat and steady flow with breath and movement, build strength and flexibility, and may include some of the philosophical underpinnings of the practice. Some understanding of basic postures will assist students in keeping up with the flow (see our Beginner's Flow also), but isn't required.


Yin yoga is designed to work with the meridians of the body and access the soft and connective tissues through supine, prone, supported, and low to the ground poses held for anywhere from two to ten minutes each. Poses might include a low lunge held for three minutes or a supine twist held for five minutes. The long, sustained holds are meant to give the major muscle groups time to disengage in order to get to the deeper connective tissues that can be forgotten or overlooked in the more heated, fast-paced yoga styles. Alongside the work of the physical body, the mind is challenged by the inactivity of this practice, encouraging a disengagement from the day-to-day chaotic thought patterns and pacing in order to move into a deeper, inner stillness.

yin & yang flow

This class begins with thirty minutes of yin practice: seated, supported, and reclined poses sustained for three to five minutes designed to access the meridians of the body, and slowly transitions into thirty minutes of a faster-paced flow class. It ends by returning to the yin postures, training the autonomic nervous system to efficiently switch between the sympathetic (fight, flight, freeze) and parasympathetic (rest and digest) systems of the body. Some understanding of basic postures will assist in keeping up with the flow (see also our Beginner's Flow), but isn't required. No arm balances or inversions will be included in this class.


Animal Flow

Animal Flow is a unique class that uses movements from yoga, break dancing, parkour, and animals to build strength, mobility, endurance, and mind/body coordination. Participants will learn both choreographed and non-choreographed movement patterns. Think crawling in slow motion and really focusing on stabilizing, weight shifting, and integrated contact with the ground.


beginner flow

This class breaks down the fundamentals of a vinyasa flow class, focusing on safe alignment, modifications, and breath. It's a great place to start before jumping into a flow class in order to build on the basic postures and concepts you will see and hear as you advance your practice.


Siddha flow

This is an all levels flow class that will build on the vinyasa sequence while breaking down arm balances, inversions, and some of the more demanding yoga postures. This class is unique in that it will also include an introduction to other components of the yoga practice at the start of class, including mudras, mantras, pranayama, philosophical topics, and more, and will work to embed these aspects into the flow, allowing the practitioner to feel and understand the added benefits of a comprehensive and well-rounded approach that goes beyond just movement. Each class will end with a ten minute meditation, some guided and some not. If you aren't sure if this class is for you, feel free to talk to one of our instructors!


Power flow

This invigorating and powerful class will get you moving right away to stoke some heat while building strength and coordination. It is a fast-paced vinyasa sequence designed to raise your heart rate and get you sweating. The class will move quickly, but modifications will be provided so that any level student can attend and keep up.


Sunrise Flow

This class will begin with plenty of slow movements to gently awaken the body and move into faster-paced sequences that will include sun salutations to steadily lift the heart rate and stimulate energy, charging you for the rest of the day. It is an all levels class and all students are welcome to join.


Run 4 yoga

Join a community of runners and yogis for a 3-4 mile run around Milwaukee neighborhoods and trails followed by a 45-minute yoga class specifically designed to stretch and relax major muscles used in running, as well as open joints that aren't typically targeted in running for greater and sustained mobility. Yoga is the perfect complimentary modality to keep runners' bodies healthy, happy, and full of endurance. 

If 3-4 miles is too long, join us for the 45-minute yoga session afterward and learn how to sustain your personal fitness routine, no matter what it looks like. 

Runners: please join us if your pace is anywhere between 8-10 minutes. We will meet at Siddhi Yoga at 5:00pm, you will have 45 minutes to complete the run, and we will begin yoga at 5:45pm sharp. Class will end with a 10-minute relaxing śavāsana.

Not sure if this will be fast enough or slow enough for you? Send an email to with questions or concerns.