Heidi Parkes


In 2008, Heidi began her yoga practice in search of mental calm and has evolved into a lifelong student of yoga, enjoying meditation, physically rigorous classes, and many forms in between. She completed her vinyasa training with Rolf Gates in 2013 and yoga therapy training with Indu Arora in 2014. 

Heidi’s teaching style centers on cultivating awareness in her students. Guiding the class with modeled movement and precise language, students are encouraged to find the version of each pose as it fits them on that particular day. Heidi has a special passion for working with beginners, especially since her first yoga students were teenagers! Seeing a beginner’s transformation in yoga is indeed like witnessing the birth of a superpower. 

Students can expect a variety of experiences in Heidi’s classes, including flowing poses, hand gestures, chanting, breath work, and moments of silence during which they can unite their body, mind, and breath. With her improvisational teaching style, students are encouraged to make requests which can focus on the physical body, internal bodily systems, specific poses, or on the mental/energetic realm.