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Kevin Murphy


Kevin Murphy’s journey to yoga started at a young age and took on many forms. It began when he was ten-years-old and first introduced to the sport of gymnastics. His training with gymnastics grew into a love for movement and built him a solid foundation of strength, balance, and flexibility. His passion for movement also found expression through yoga, parkour, cheerleading, acro yoga, and trampoline. After graduating from North Central College in spring of 2013, Kevin embarked on the 2,000-mile-long Appalachian Trail stretching from Maine to Georgia. After returning from his journey, Kevin spent the next two years coaching tumbling and trampoline with his coach from childhood. In 2015, he traveled to Alaska and spent the summer working on a salmon fishing boat and from there, went to New Zealand and spent six months backpacking across the country. He then got a job fighting wildland forest fires and went backpacking through Southeast Asia. During December of 2017, while traveling in India, he earned his 200-hour yoga teaching certification from Rishikesh Nath Yogashala. Finally, in January of 2018, Kevin moved from his home town of Glen Ellyn, Illinois to start a new life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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