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Megan Schneck


Megan’s yoga journey began at 10 years old when she would tag along with her mom to classes. She vastly enjoyed the flexibility her 10 year old body afforded her. As Megan matured, so did her practice. In 2014, Megan started practicing yoga consistently and found that not only were there immense physical benefits brought about by the practice, but also wonderful emotional benefits.

In 2018 Megan, with much encouragement from her mother, she took the plunge and completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification at Tosa Yoga Center under the guidance of Melanie Landgraf and Jes Davies. Megan’s classes encourage people to move at their own pace, to pause, and to take time to reflect inward. She aims to create space for people to connect with themselves, connect with others, and have fun.


Music that Megan can’t stop listening to