The Philosophy of superpowers…

A Siddha is a yogi who has reached the pinnacle of practice and concentration, a perfected one, what we will call the hero of the story. Siddhis are the superhuman powers gained by the Siddha after overcoming internal and external trials and accomplishing great feats: the hero's journey. For the ancient yogis, they were forms of extraordinary knowledge and ethereal abilities. Today, siddhis can be considered forms of exceptional insight, dedication, and determination that can inspire and shape communities. They are the ability to be the hero of our own stories.

Siddhi Yoga’s mission is to serve, support, and sustain the neighborhood around it in a way that enables the individual to discover their highest potential (their superpower) and to create unbreakable bonds that hold communities together in solidarity. When the individual develops inner and outer well-being, the whole of the community is shaped and transformed into wellness.

Siddhi Yoga offers various styles of movement practices (including, but not limited to, yoga), group meditation, and educational series to give the community different pathways to unravel the stories of the superheroes they have always been, and to develop a network of support for the greater cause: each other.