Siddhi Yoga’s 2,400 sq.ft. high-ceilinged, converted warehouse space is available for rent.
Rental for private events by the organizer, parties, talks, music, as well as events hosted by Siddhi’s teachers (Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Pre-Parties). The space can accommodate 40-60 people.


Space rental for private event

If you have an event you’ve already organized and will be running yourself, but just need a space to hold it in, we can accommodate your group.

For more information, email jozi@siddhiyogamke.com. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Subject Heading: Space Rental Inquiry

  • Event title

  • Short description of event

  • Approximate number of attendees

  • Space needs: tables, chairs, etc.

  • Contact information: email, phone

  • Dates and times