Siddhi Yoga’s 2,400 sq.ft. high-ceilinged, converted warehouse space is available for rent.
Rental for private events by the organizer, parties, talks, music, as well as events hosted by Siddhi’s teachers (Birthday Parties, Bachelorette Pre-Parties). The space can accommodate 40-60 people.


Space rental for private event

If you have an event you’ve already organized and will be running yourself, but just need a space to hold it in, we can accommodate your group.

For more information, email jozi@siddhiyogamke.com. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Subject Heading: Space Rental Inquiry

  • Event title

  • Short description of event

  • Approximate number of attendees

  • Space needs: tables, chairs, etc.

  • Contact information: email, phone

  • Dates and times


kids’ birthday parties

Staff members will set up tables, decorations, food, and provide entertainment in the form of Kids’ yoga. Kids’ Yoga may include partner activities, Indiglow Yoga (Glow in the Dark Yoga), posture clinics based on vinyasa flow yoga, yoga games, dance, relays, and more. Attendees may provide the food, drink, and presents!

To schedule, email jozi@siddhiyogamke.com and include the following information:

  • Subject Heading: Kids’ Birthday Party

  • Approximate number of attendees

  • Age range of attendees

  • Space needs for food, drink, etc.

  • Contact information: email, phone

  • Dates and times