Photo by Danielle Simone Charles

Photo by Danielle Simone Charles



Robert's fascination with fitness started in the summer before his freshman year of high school. Having grown six inches during the summer, high school coaches wanted him to play sports. Due to his growth spurt, he was very uncoordinated. He started lifting weights, running cross country, and wrestling to build up his coordination, agility, and strength for high school sports. Robert went on to become a walk-on player for the University of Illinois football team.

While at the university, he earned both his Business and Industrial Design degree. Because of football, he continued to improve his knowledge and experience with fitness training.

With his Industrial Design degree, Robert went on to design products and training programs for a fitness equipment manufacturer for 11 years. It was here that he began to appreciate how our bodies are already the best designed fitness machine.

He left to attend the National Personal Training Institute in Orlando, FL. While there, he developed his primary health and wellness philosophy of "moving well and often and challenging your body everyday to train for autonomy no matter what your age."

His primary training approach is to use full-body, primal movements with resistance as well as other unique tools and methods to help his clients move and feel better.